Portfolio Lending
Prudential Mortgage Capital Company's Tokyo Branch through the Partnerships provides various types of commercial mortgage loans in response to our borrower's various financing needs. Standard terms of the loan are as follows:
Program and Terms
  • Interest rate: Fixed rate using Yen Swap rate as a base rate or floating rate using TIBOR rate as a base rate
  • Term: 5 years to 10+ years
  • Loan amount: Ranging from 1 billion JPY to about 6 billion JPY
  • Prepayment flexibility: Prepayable, at the cost of certain prepayment premium (or Yield Maintenance) during a certain period during the Term
  • Recourse or non-recourse: Non-recourse with standard non-recourse carve-outs
Typical Properties
  • Multi-family
  • Distribution center and Warehouse
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Individual properties or cross collateralized portfolios