Privacy Policy
Prudential Mortgage Capital Company, LLC ("our company") formed Prudential Mortgage Asset Holdings 1 Japan Investment Business Limited Partnership ("LPS1") and Prudential Mortgage Asset Holdings 2 Japan Investment Business Limited Partnership ("LPS2") as a General Partner of each LPS. Our company and the two LPSs (collectively, "we") consider the protection of personal information and appropriate management as important public responsibilities.

We set forth the following Personal Information Protection Policy regarding the handling of personal information. Based on this policy, we will protect personal information and handle it appropriately.

1. Basic Policy
We respect personal information and operate under the requirements set forth in Law No. 57, promulgated on May 30, 2003, Act on the Protection of Personal Information ("Act") and other related regulations as well as internal policies.

We will make adjustments and improvements to protect personal information along with changing social conventions and advances in information technology, when necessary.

2. Handling of Personal Information

2.1 Collection of Personal Information and Usage

We collect personal information appropriately and legally within the limits of necessity.

We publicly announce or individually inform the purpose of utilization of personal information, and we do not handle any personal information beyond the purpose which has been publicly announced or individually informed without the consent from the subject individual, except when we must do so in order to comply with the Act and regulations.

2.2 Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

We utilize personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Operations relating to the acquisition, holding and disposition of investment securities;
  2. Operations relating to the acquisition, holding and disposition of monetary claims;
  3. Operations relating to extending new loans to companies;
  4. Operation relating to subordinate businesses corresponding to above-mentioned a., b. and c.;
  5. Business management of our company, the two LPSs, and Prudential Financial, Inc.;
  6. Contacting by postal mail, e-mail, and telephone, etc., solicitation, information delivery and visits for the above-mentioned purposes;
  7. Providing personal information to third parties within in a scope to achieve the above-mentioned purposes.
Note that we may also use personal information that is appropriately collected from real estate registries, public maps, commercial registries, credit information agencies, and all other information sources that have been made publicly available appropriately and legally in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, a. through g.

2.3 Personal Information Sharing

We may share personal information with specific entities without prior consent from the subject individual.

a. Content of Personal Information to be Shared
We share personal information including name, organization the individual belongs to, department, title, address, phone number, and e-mail address, etc. on a needed basis.

b. Range of Information Sharing
We share personal information with affiliated companies of Prudential Financial, Inc.

c. Utilization Purpose of Information Sharing
As set forth in Section 2.2 above

d. Responsible Party for Handling the Subject Personal Information
Prudential Mortgage Capital Company, LLC, Tokyo Branch (Please refer to Section 2.7 below for contact detail.)

2.4 Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. We do not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent of the subject individual, except when required by the Act and regulations or otherwise specifically provided under this policy.
  2. WWe may provide personal information to third parties to achieve the purposes mentioned in Section 2.2 above.

    In such a case, we will provide name, organization the individual belongs to, department, title, address, phone number, e-mail address, real estate information, and other information verbally, in writing, by postal mail, or via electronic data.

    We stop providing personal information upon request from the subject individual.

2.5 Safety Control Measures for Personal Information

Personal information that we collected is managed appropriately and prudently. We will take all necessary and appropriate safety control measures to avoid unauthorized access, loss, falsification, or leakage, etc.

2.6 Consignment of Personal Information Handling

Personal information that we collected may be handled by an outsourced firm. In such a case, we choose a firm who takes sufficient measures to protect personal information and we oversee the firm in a necessary and appropriate manner.

2.7 Contact for Inquiries Related to Personal Information

We will respond to complaints or inquiries regarding personal information as quickly as possible in a good faith. Requests for disclosure, correction, suspension, any inquiry or any complaint under the Act with respect to the personal information we collected should be directed to the following contact.

a. Contact for Inquiries and Other Request

Name: Prudential Mortgage Capital Company, LLC, Tokyo Branch

Address: The Prudential Tower 16th floor
2-13-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0014

Phone: 03-3539-5633
Hours: 10AM to 5PM (except on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and year-end through new-year)

b. How to Request Disclosure of Personal Information
Please contact the address in Section 2.7 a. above to request disclosure, correction, and suspension of personal information based on the Act. For further details, please ask at the contact.

* We may revise this Personal Information Protection Policy in order to protect personal information, or respond to changes made in the Act and regulations as well as other rules.

"Designated Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Under Money Lending Business"

The two LPSs have executed the basic agreement regarding procedures for Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") with the below mentioned entity as an ADR agency with respect to money lending businesses.

Money Lending Business Consultation & Dispute Resolution Center
Japan Financial Services Association ("Nihon Kashikingyo Kyokai")
Address: 3-19-15 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0074
Phone: 03-5739-3861