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Five Over Five

Most financial forecasts tend to have short term horizons—and with good reason—the idea of a five-year outlook covering major themes likely to drive global markets can appear ambitious. Yet the fact remains that many institutional investors have longer time horizons. This paper covers five major global macroeconomic themes with clear views on how they are likely to drive markets for the next half decade.   Download the PDF

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Second Quarter 2015 Market Outlook

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A Tale of Two Recessions

U.S. corporate plan sponsors value their defined benefit liabilities using high-quality corporate bond rates for accounting purposes. In recent years, this valuation framework has led many plan sponsors to buy more long-dated U.S. corporate bonds in an effort to de-risk their portfolios and reduce the volatility of their plans' funded status. (July 2015)

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China Throttles Up Growth, Risks

A contemporaneous and large-scale de-facto tightening of China's monetary and fiscal policies caused the sudden turn of economic performance since the end of 2014. Belatedly, this triggered a wave of new policy easing measures in mid-May 2015 that has profound implications for future macroeconomic policy and reform. The balance of risk has now turned from an excessive slowdown to a repeat of the 2009-2010 stimulus bonanza-including the volatility that could emerge when the easing is unwound. (June 2015)

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