Prudential Fixed Income offers institutional investors needs-based solutions across the fixed income markets, with a focus on credit strategies and liability-driven investing. We manage $418 billion in assets (as of March 31, 2014) with portfolio management and research teams located in Newark, NJ (U.S.), and in our affiliated offices in London and Singapore. Learn More

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Portable Alpha 2.0

Despite an environment of low volatility and strong returns, many active equity managers still struggle to outperform their benchmarks over the long term. It is a phenomenon that underscores the attraction for portable alpha as a concept, particularly its potential for uncorrelated performance and long-term alpha generation.

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Core Conservative Strategy

A quintessential “no surprises” strategy, this lower-risk Core Fixed Income Strategy has been managed by the same portfolio manager since inception.

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Intermediate Core Conservative Strategy

Often the choice of Stable Value plans and managed by our flagship Core Conservative Strategy portfolio manager, this strategy uses the same time-tested approach applied to an intermediate duration benchmark.

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Investment Grade Corporate Bond Strategy

We know credit and we prioritize research: This strategy is managed by a seasoned corporate bond team that benefits from a large and dedicated credit research team.

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Long Duration Corporate Strategy

This strategy offers a time-tested approach to long duration management from a firm with decades of experience solving liability problems.

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Long Government/Credit Strategy

This strategy offers a basic way for plans to extend duration, emphasizing high-quality spread sectors over lower-yielding Government sectors, prioritizing bottom-up, research-based security selection.

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Third Quarter 2014 Market Outlook

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Back to the Futures

U.S. Treasury futures are tools that can be used by portfolio managers to help manage interest rate and yield curve risk and to facilitate relative value trading. When used properly within a risk-controlled framework, futures can offer greater relative value, cost efficiency, and more efficient execution than physical securities.(June 2014)

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Why Global Loans?

In this thought paper, Jonathan Butler explains the variations that exist throughout the global loan market and how they may provide relative stability and more, particularly for investors wary of interest rate volatility. (March 2014)

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