Long Duration Corporate

Actively managed long duration strategy targeting an excess return over the Barclays U.S. Long Corporate Bond Index or similar benchmark. Strategy has historically generated the majority of its excess return from individual security selection and subsector/industry rotation.

Investment Approach

  • Fundamental research-driven subsector/security selection
  • Emphasis on high quality and close duration match
Why Prudential Fixed Income?

Decades of experience managing long duration portfolios

  • Managing LDI-oriented portfolios for third-party clients since 1980s
  • 18-year track record in Long Duration Government/Credit Strategy
  • 23-year track record in Long Duration Corporate Strategy

Expected Sustainable Alpha Generation

  • Emphasize research-driven security selection
  • De-emphasize interest rate timing

Comprehensive Credit and Quantitative Research Expertise

  • 103 career analysts, with senior analysts averaging 17 years experience
  • 43-member Quantitative Research and Risk Management Group

As of September 30, 2016. ¹The European Bank Loan Team members are employees of an indirect subsidiary of PGIM, Inc., who have been seconded to PGIM Limited, a UK subsidiary that is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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  • Senior Portfolio Manager has 28 years investment experience
  • 22-member U.S./London portfolio management team with senior members averaging 18 years experience¹
  • 32-member U.S./London analyst team with senior analysts averaging 17 years experience¹
  • $48 billion in long duration assets