Hartford Leaders VUL LegacyTM (Policies Issued After 10/11/2009)

Daily Unit Values

Daily closing unit values for Hartford Leaders VUL LegacyTM  variable investment options (also known as subaccounts) are listed below. To learn more about each option, click the subaccount name. Hartford Leaders VUL LegacyTM  is issued by Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company and Talcott Resolution Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Windsor, CT. The mailing address for both issuers is 1 Griffin Road North, Windsor, CT 06095-2999.  

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the past performance data quoted. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's units, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

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"Unit Value" is the U.S. Dollar value of a single unit of the variable product's investment option. Each unit value is net of all portfolio investment management fees and expenses, as well as the variable product's specific mortality and expense risk charge. The change in the unit value does not reflect other life insurance policy charges (sales, administration and actual cost of insurance) or any applicable surrender or lapse charges. "Net Change" shows the change in U.S. Dollar value over the previous day: Gain= Gain, Loss= Loss, n/c= No Change. All information is as of market close, 1/27/2023.

Unit Value
Investment Option SubaccountsUnit ValueNet ChangeChange %
AB VPS Balanced Hedged Allocation Portfolio Opens a PDF20.071449 -0.023234Loss-0.115623%
AB VPS International Value PortfolioOpens a PDF11.041138 -0.015564Loss-0.140765%
AB VPS Small/Mid Cap Value Portfolio Opens a PDF38.175846+0.233813Gain0.616237%
American Funds Asset Allocation FundOpens a PDF41.981752 -0.036774Loss-0.087519%
American Funds Capital World Bond FundOpens a PDF12.579178 -0.025674Loss-0.203683%
American Funds Capital World Growth and Income FundOpens a PDF24.239571 -0.058405Loss-0.240370%
American Funds Global Growth FundOpens a PDF5.345314 -0.006632Loss-0.123918%
American Funds Global Small Capitalization FundOpens a PDF4.597327+0.013711Gain0.299131%
American Funds Growth FundOpens a PDF5.521729+0.038969Gain0.710755%
American Funds Growth-Income FundOpens a PDF5.057397 -0.004842Loss-0.095649%
American Funds International Fund Opens a PDF37.920108 -0.180568Loss-0.473923%
American Funds IS Washington Mutual Investors FundOpens a PDF50.265885 -0.236547Loss-0.468387%
American Funds New World FundOpens a PDF52.911391 -0.177632Loss-0.334593%
American Funds The Bond Fund of AmericaOpens a PDF17.588140 -0.000003Loss-0.000017%
BlackRock S&P 500 Index V.I. Fund Opens a PDF16.329515+0.043645Gain0.267993%
Fidelity(R)  VIP Contrafund (SM)  Portfolio Opens a PDF43.664684+0.022550Gain0.051670%
Fidelity(R)  VIP Freedom 2010 Portfolio Opens a PDF19.954266 -0.016682Loss-0.083531%
Fidelity(R)  VIP Freedom 2020 Portfolio Opens a PDF21.818808 -0.018028Loss-0.082558%
Fidelity(R)  VIP Freedom 2030 Portfolio Opens a PDF24.371719 -0.016827Loss-0.068996%
Fidelity(R)  VIP Government Money Market Portfolio Opens a PDF10.625981+0.001172Gain0.011031%
Fidelity(R)  VIP MidCap Portfolio Opens a PDF41.342837+0.074050Gain0.179433%
Fidelity(R)  VIP Strategic Income Portfolio Opens a PDF17.864650 -0.017480Loss-0.097751%
Franklin DynaTech VIP FundOpens a PDF33.388961+0.203587Gain0.613484%
Franklin Income VIP FundOpens a PDF26.259680  0.000000n/c0.000000%
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery VIP Fund Opens a PDF28.220302 -0.031703Loss-0.112215%
Franklin Mutual Shares VIP FundOpens a PDF35.430490+0.000001Gain0.000003%
Franklin Rising Dividends VIP FundOpens a PDF49.898766 -0.072554Loss-0.145191%
Franklin Small Cap Value VIP FundOpens a PDF60.658498 -0.045037Loss-0.074192%
Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth VIP FundOpens a PDF35.348331+0.247188Gain0.704216%
Franklin Strategic Income VIP FundOpens a PDF17.337730 -0.000003Loss-0.000017%
Hartford Capital Appreciation HLS FundOpens a PDF22.084127+0.053090Gain0.240978%
Hartford Disciplined Equity HLS FundOpens a PDF6.402693+0.007738Gain0.121002%
Hartford Dividend and Growth HLS FundOpens a PDF15.867578+0.013862Gain0.087437%
Hartford International Opportunities HLS FundOpens a PDF6.177344 -0.008237Loss-0.133165%
Hartford Small Company HLS FundOpens a PDF7.562363 -0.005239Loss-0.069229%
Hartford Total Return Bond HLS FundOpens a PDF3.904200+0.000003Gain0.000077%
Hartford Ultrashort Bond HLS FundOpens a PDF1.950156+0.001946Gain0.099887%
Invesco V.I. Balanced Risk Allocation FundOpens a PDF18.133205 -0.085632Loss-0.470019%
Invesco V.I. Core Equity FundOpens a PDF41.118036+0.205988Gain0.503490%
Invesco V.I. EQV International Equity FundOpens a PDF17.975513 -0.034091Loss-0.189293%
Invesco V.I. Global Real Estate FundOpens a PDF23.610142+0.248701Gain1.064579%
Invesco V.I. Main Street Mid Cap FundOpens a PDF42.795103+0.047185Gain0.110380%
Invesco V.I. Small Cap Equity FundOpens a PDF37.443123+0.161398Gain0.432915%
Lord Abbett Bond-Debenture PortfolioOpens a PDF22.054260 -0.000004Loss-0.000018%
Lord Abbett Fundamental Equity PortfolioOpens a PDF30.425471 -0.038315Loss-0.125772%
Lord Abbett Growth and Income PortfolioOpens a PDF31.141811 -0.045645Loss-0.146357%
MFS Growth Series PortfolioOpens a PDF46.855231+0.145092Gain0.310622%
MFS Investors Trust SeriesOpens a PDF44.291455+0.013081Gain0.029543%
MFS Total Return Bond Series Opens a PDF16.499080 -0.000004Loss-0.000024%
MFS Total Return SeriesOpens a PDF34.659271 -0.059397Loss-0.171081%
MFS Value SeriesOpens a PDF34.106152 -0.092847Loss-0.271490%
Putnam VT Growth Opportunities FundOpens a PDF24.903328+0.146782Gain0.592902%
Putnam VT Large Cap Value FundOpens a PDF62.481480 -0.221878Loss-0.353853%
Putnam VT Multi-Cap Core FundOpens a PDF52.927774+0.061220Gain0.115801%
Templeton Developing Markets VIP FundOpens a PDF12.825938 -0.045487Loss-0.353395%
Templeton Foreign VIP FundOpens a PDF13.248715+0.009688Gain0.073178%
Templeton Global Bond VIP FundOpens a PDF17.211106 -0.040244Loss-0.233280%
Templeton Growth VIP FundOpens a PDF17.640538+0.015881Gain0.090107%


An investment in the Money Market portfolio is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment as $1 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in the fund.

Life insurance policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits, and terms for keeping them in force. Your licensed financial professional can provide you with complete details.

Investors should consider the contract and the underlying portfolios' investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing. The contract's prospectus and the underlying portfolios' prospectuses contain information relating to investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses as well as other important information. Contact your financial professional for the prospectuses. You should read the prospectuses carefully before investing.

Variable life insurance products discussed in this material are distributed by Pruco Securities, LLC (Member SIPC).

Hartford Leaders VUL LegacyTM  is a flexible premium variable universal life insurance policy. HLI policy form # HL-15894(03)(NY). HLA policy form # LA-1238(03) and may include state abbreviations. Features may vary by state.
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