PREI will look at multiple potential investment strategies, aiming for the right risk-reward equation in each case. In assessing potential investment opportunities, PREI Latin America relies on a rigorous analytical and research-driven evaluation and due diligence process founded on fundamental project, property and company analysis. To assist in the evaluation of investment opportunities, PREI Latin America relies on an experienced team of over 40 professionals dedicated to legal, research, tax, underwriting, accounting and fund management activities.

Partnership Approach

PREI believes that real estate is essentially a local business and local expertise, knowledge, contacts and experience can only be gained by partnering with local joint venture partners and leveraging from them in Latin America. These relationships are crucial in that they help to identify proprietary investment opportunities in which PREI is viewed as a value-added investor that brings financial and real estate expertise as well as access to PREI's global resources. PREI's joint venture network, commitment to the region, and solid reputation has translated into a sustained investment flow into Mexican real estate. PREI Latin America maintains relationships with the leading developers, financial institutions, governments, business leaders, and brokers in all of the major Latin American countries.

Transaction Professionals

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PREI Latin America