How can you protect your future income?

Earmark your guaranteed income sources to cover your must-have expenses.

Step 5


Investment Strategy: Since your retirement will likely last 30 years or more, you may want to keep some of your money invested in stocks, since these types of investments have historically provided the best opportunities for growth.

Withdrawal Strategy: Many experts suggest no more than a 4% withdrawal rate. Find out how much you can take out per year using the Retirement Planning Budget Calculator.

Ways to Address Any Gap in Guaranteed Income:

  • Ladder maturities of fixed-income securities (bonds/CDs)
  • Invest in dividend-paying stocks
  • Create a systematic withdrawal plan
  • Consider an annuity
  • Ask how your retirement plan can help you turn savings into a reliable income stream

Please contact one of our Certified Retirement Counselors with questions at 1-888-244-6297.
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